June 2015 Posts

Grandparents Mending Fences

Most grandparents face some delicate negotiations on how to stay active in their grandchildren’s lives without overstepping parental boundaries.

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Five Things to Know When Considering Home Care; Keeping Seniors Safe During Heat Waves

These and other stories are in the July edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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Elderly Death by a Broken Heart

Although broken-heart syndrome has been a part of world societies for centuries, the medical profession continues to unpack a scientific base to the phenomenon.

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Talk to Dad About Prostate Cancer for Father’s Day

Did you know that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men, besides skin cancer?

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Improved Lighting for Aging Eyes

An AARP lighting study reports that older adults require an increase of "at least two or three times" more light at home than younger people.

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June Is National Safety Month

Emergency preparedness and prescription painkiller abuse are two of the safety issues addressed in this year’s National Safety Month.

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