March 2015 Posts

The Millions of Millennials

More than 80 million millennials now populate the country, surpassing the baby boomers by roughly 3 million.

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Senior Fraud Can Be a Sensitive Subject; How to Get Inactive Seniors Moving

These and other stories are in the April edition of the Caring Right at Home e-newsletter, providing information, advice and support for adult caregiving.

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When Does “Old Age” Begin?

A social and behavioral sciences professor is working on ways to define aging other than the accumulation of calendar years.

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Better Budgeting for the Sandwich Generation

A 2013 Pew Foundation survey reports that nationwide, at least 15 percent of middle-aged adults are financially supporting both children and aging parents.

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Preparing for Family Caregiving

Many people are unprepared for the pressing decisions needed when a loved one is ill and requires caregiving support.

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Elderly Drivers and Road Safety

Mom forgets to use her car’s turn signals. Dad drove through another stop sign. Are they showing warning signs of risky driving?

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