October 2013 Posts

When Is a Senior Moment Just a Senior Moment?

Many times we chuckle when we have a “senior moment” – those times we misplace an item or walk into a room and suddenly wonder why we’re there. But behind that laughter may be a fear that these lapses in memory indicate Alzheimer’s disease.

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Solving Discord in Multigenerational Homes

If you’re navigating the nuances of blending several generations in one home or considering this living arrangement, you're not alone. An estimated 52 millions Americans are living in multigenerational homes, and many of these families are floundering in the generation gap.

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How to Connect With Older Grandchildren

When grandchildren are babies and rambunctious toddlers, grandparents enjoy fawning over the little ones and cradling them, building bonds of trust and communication. But how do these relationships fair once grandchildren pass through the teen years and into adulthood?

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Elder-Friendly Communities Are Lacking

By 2030, Americans over the age of 65 are expected to make up 20 percent of the nation’s population. But is your community prepared for the unique challenges and needs of senior residents, the vast majority of whom prefer to “age in place”?

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Natural Ways for Caregivers to Tackle Sleep Issues

The stress of caregiving can lead to sleep problems, and while there are many prescription and over-the-counter sleep remedies, many home care providers prefer to try natural alternatives for getting to sleep and staying asleep.

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