January 2012 Posts

House Calls Are Making a Comeback

A new federal program called the Independence at Home Demonstration will test the effectiveness of providing healthcare to thousands of chronically ill Medicare patients in their own homes, allowing them to remain there instead of potentially entering long-term care facilities.

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Slowing the Ravages of Age

Scientists are discovering anti-aging breakthroughs in the cells of certain animals to help determine how to slow aging in humans.

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Drug Reactions in Older Adults

Medications help prevent and treat illness and disease, but increasingly among seniors, certain medications are causing adverse drug reactions.

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Beating More Than Winter Blues

For many people, “winter blues” is not just a case of doldrums but a type of depression called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This mood condition typically occurs annually in late fall or early winter with the change in daylight saving time and the advent of earlier sunsets.

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Caregiving Back-Up Help

Arrange qualified in-home care assistance as back-up to the primary caregiver for a Veteran who has Memory Loss. The goal is to be ready to call for a professional in-home caregiver when the circumstances arise.

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Shake Up Your Family Tree!

Are you curious about where you came from or want to know more about your family history? Genealogy has become a popular hobby today.

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