November 2011 Posts

Calling All Family Caregivers: Speak Up for Yourself

There are more than 65 million family caregivers in the U.S., and each has a voice.

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Seven Ways to Savor the Holiday Season

Baking, shopping and decorating are fun tasks, but preparing to celebrate with family and friends may increase your stress level, which could lead to health issues. Follow these tips to make your holidays merry and less maddening.

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Alzheimer's and Dementia Receive Celebrity Focus

University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt and recording artist Glen Campbell are the latest in a long list of celebrities diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, an incurable disease that gradually causes a decline in a person’s cognitive abilities.

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Fighting Social Isolation? You’re Not Alone

In many cases, when the elderly are feeling social isolation from friends and loved ones, loneliness can lead to serious physical and mental effects.

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Is a Placebo Just What the Doctor Ordered?

These studies were the latest in a growing body of research demonstrating the “placebo effect,” a medical term used to describe the perceived benefits a patient experiences from sugar pills, saline injections or other treatments containing no active ingredients.

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