August 2011 Posts

Protect Seniors From the Grandparent Scam

Con artists target the elderly because they can be easily fooled. Diminished capacities, such as hearing, vision or memory loss, and large bank accounts make seniors vulnerable to fraud. One type of fraud that targets seniors is the “grandparent scam.”

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Gardening Advice for Senior Citizens

As you grow older, you may become physically unable to keep up with certain hobbies; however, gardening is an activity you can continue to do at any age.

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Tips on Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections

The proverb, “cleanliness is next to godliness,” certainly applies in the healthcare industry, where maintaining a sterile environment is critical to reducing the risk of a loved one developing a hospital acquired infection (HAI), the nation’s fourth leading cause of death.

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Support Groups Boost Caregiver Morale

A caregiver support group is one way to share your troubles.

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Caregiver Is Encouraged to “Break a Leg”

Congratulations and best wishes to Right at Home caregiver and singer/songwriter Angela Warner, who is competing in the eastern regional competition of ABC TV’s “Karaoke Battle USA.”

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