May 2009 Posts

Tips on Making Bathing More Pleasant for Your Loved One

Four Right at Home franchisees offer the following tips on making bathing more pleasant for your loved one. Barb Madison, Owner of the Right at Home St. Louis office, suggests: Bathing, dressing and grooming present some of the greatest challenges for caregivers because of the intimate and persona...

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Government Program Pays Family Members for Taking Care of Mom and Dad

Looking for a way to help Mom and Dad pay for Home care or assisted living? Perhaps you are their caregiver. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive some extra income to help you provide their care? There is financial help available for senior veterans and their spouses. Read more in the post below.

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Caregiver Success Stories

Sisterhood From The Start - Ruth Rankin When Millie and Ruth met, it was a sort of sisterhood from the start. “As soon as I walked in, we bonded,” says Ruth Rankin, a Right at Home caregiver with the Kenosha-Racine Right at Home in Wisconsin. Ruth provides care and companionship to 89-...

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Problems with Bathing Common among Older Adults, But Can Be Prevented with Early Intervention

Study finds difficulties and safety problems among many adults who bathe without assistance. Katie Gazella, Univ of Michigan Health System Getting in and out of the bathtub or shower can be a perilous journey for older adults, even when they have bathrooms already equipped with safety features, ac...

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Understanding Depression in Seniors

Depression is one of the most common illnesses faced by Americans. It affects all age groups, including seniors. Yet depression often goes undetected. Right at Home recognizes the challenges of identifying and treating this medical condition, and we also know that in many cases, dealing with depress...

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Helping Your Older Parents Stay Happy and Healthy

How do we deal with the change in the role from child of, to a “parent” to our parent? I’d like to share with you the following article written by Robert Stall MD, Geriatrician. No matter which of these caregiving situations you may be in, you should understand that you are not alo...

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